adidas Originals iPhone 12 mini ENTRY 透明保護殼 Transparent protective case

  • $238.00


由超輕的 TPU 製成,能保護您的手機免受衝擊和磨損,為您的手機提供最佳的保護。機殼採用了全彩的三葉草印花設計,帶來時尚的外觀。防磨防滑設計,凸起邊緣有助於保護屏幕免受劃損,孔位及切口處理精細,毫不影響操作,凸起的內部打印,可防止手機殼下方出現氣泡,保持清澈透亮!



  • 防磨防滑設計
  • 凸起邊緣有助於保護屏幕免受劃損
  • 兼容 Dock
  • 孔位及切口處理精細,毫不影響操作
  • 凸起的內部打印,可防止手機殼下方出現氣泡
  • 金屬真空鍍膜的三葉草標誌設計

Made of ultra-light TPU, it can protect your phone from impact and wear and provide the best protection for your phone. The case uses a full-color clover print design to bring a stylish appearance. Anti-wear and non-slip design, raised edges help to protect the screen from scratches, hole positions and cuts are handled finely, without affecting operation, raised internal printing can prevent bubbles from appearing under the phone case and keep it clear and bright!

Feature of product:

  • Anti-wear and non-slip design
  • Raised edges help protect the screen from scratches
  • Compatible with Dock
  • Fine processing of holes and incisions without affecting operation
  • The raised internal printing prevents bubbles from appearing under the phone case
  • Metal vacuum coating clover logo design