adidas Originals iPhone 12 Pro Max BASIC 保護殼

  • $238.00


Adidas Originals BASIC - 以標誌性街頭風格裝扮您的智能手機。採用耐用硬質背板及柔韌 TPU 彈性減震層,幫助保護您的手機免受撞擊與磨損。正面有壓花印製的 Adidas Originals 三葉草 Logo。



  • 耐用硬質背板
  • 彈性材質,容易安裝
  • 抗撞擊 TPU 結構幫助減少掉落損壞
  • 正面壓花印製 Adidas Originals 三葉草 Logo
  • 支援無線充電

Adidas Originals BASIC-Dress up your smartphone in iconic street style. Use a durable hard backplane and a flexible TPU elastic shock-absorbing layer to help protect your phone from impact and wear. Adidas Originals clover logo embossed on the front.


Durable hard backplane
Flexible material, easy to install
Impact resistant TPU structure helps reduce fall damage
Adidas Originals clover logo embossed on the front
Support wireless charging