AURINKO SOL 一機多用 迷你輕巧便攜 多功能用途 磁吸黏貼 三檔可調節小夜燈 驅蚊燈 香薰機

  • $250.00
  • Save $137.50

這台貼心的AURINKO SOL 可一機多用,體積小巧,靈活輕巧便攜,多功能用途,可當香薰車載,三檔可調節小夜燈 ,驅蚊燈 ,香薰機 。三檔可調節小夜燈,燈光柔和溫馨,不刺激眼睛,符合人體工學弧度設計,從容起身不怕黑。滴入驅蚊精油,讓您安穩入睡。辦公時,長按按鍵,風扇開啟,滴入舒緩放鬆的分香,減壓助眠舒緩身心。

Amoovars is a brand born for “life”. For us, life is a sense of belonging, which means happiness and beauty. For the purpose of achieving a better life, the relation between people and design shall be intimate like companions. The brand goal is to consistently pursue the need for people and life, rather than only a product. 

Amoovars create a better life, and bring more beauty through the design, by the philosophy of Amoovars’s design aesthetic, which is to search for the good nature of life, will enhance life’s quality.


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