Blóm og ávextir 花果加濕器 Humidifier

  • $287.50
  • 節省$162.50

家用靜音大容量 空氣霧化器 可加花瓣檸檬精油 增加味道


秋冬氣候乾燥,夏天空調房乾燥皮膚缺水、皮膚過敏 在家裡放一臺可愛萌寵加濕器,肌膚水潤Q彈 🔥 可加入水溶性精油於加濕器內 亦可加花果產生天然香氣

Household silent large-capacity air atomizer can add petal lemon essential oil to increase the taste

✨Smart touch
✨1L water tank
✨Can add flowers and fruits
✨Sleep with night light
✨Easy to clean
✨Convenient to add water
✨Two-level spray
✨Heavy fog

Dry weather in autumn and winter, dry skin in air-conditioned room in summer, dry skin, skin allergies. Put a cute pet humidifier at home to keep your skin moisturizing. 🔥 Water-soluble essential oils can be added to the humidifier. Flowers and fruits can also be added to produce natural aroma