DOUGHNUT 背包 Dynamic Large Shield Series

  • $620.00

DN Black Shield Series
DN 黑色 Shield Series 全方位提升經典款的防護能力。除了保留第三代DN Black的RFID防護內隔外,更為存放貴重物品的口袋加上防刀割耐磨物料,讓你真正享受旅程。.
Dynamic 代表著動態,它充滿著活力亦能配合不同的變動。這個背包外形簡約,帶有運動風格,而前格設有伸縮帶扣,能調整背包容量及更便利取出物品。Dynamic 採用耐磨軍用防潑水尼龍,除了防水外還俱備抗撕裂與抗磨損功能,裝載整天所需,每天陪伴用家展開新的旅程。
Classic DN Black lines have been upgraded with cut-resistant feature to protect your valuables and offer you a carefree journey.
Dynamic stands for activity, it is full of energy and can adapt to different changes. This backpack is simple in appearance and sporty, with a retractable buckle in the front compartment to allow for easy adjustment of the backpack capacity. Dynamic uses wear-resistant military nylon, in addition to water proof, it is an all-day essential to accompany your journey.
尺寸: 29cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 50cm (H); 22L
Size: 29cm (W) x 14cm (D) x 50cm (H); 22L


  • 420D CORDURA尼龍
  • 拼接防𠝹布料 (EN388*2003 Cut Level 5)
  • 耐磨
  • 防潑水
  • 反光防水拉鏈
  • 內/外 水樽格
  • 15" 手提電腦保護格
  • 防 RFID信號保護格
  • 內置多個多用途插格
  • 前格可擴充容量
  • 夾棉可調節肩帶


  • 420D CORDURA nylon
  • Mixed with anti-cut fabric (EN388*2003 Cut Level 5)
  • Durable
  • Water repellent
  • Water bottle compartment
  • Reflective waterproof zipper
  • Up to 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Anti-RFID signal compartment
  • Internal multi-function slots
  • Expandable front pocket with sternum strap
  • Padded adjustable packpack strap