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DreamSounds|智能舒眠器 搭配呼吸節奏燈

  • $499.00

於是我們推出了這款 DreamSounds 智能睡眠儀。六種自然環境音伴您入眠,開啟呼吸節奏燈,促進您的退黑素分泌。智能記憶,獨立旋鈕,全方位人性化的設計將會為您提供更舒適的睡眠環境!

Everything feels a bit more stressful right now. With the increasing pressure of life and work in our modern world, sleep has become a rare and precious thing. Especially now with this global pandemic that has shaken our lives in so many ways.

Save your sleep with DreamSounds, a Portable Sound Machine & Night Light that helps you or your babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer! Featuring 6 calming natural sounds to let you control the environment and effectively mask all annoying noises. DreamSounds also includes a relaxing night light with soft glow that helps your melatonin secretion for deep, restful sleep. What’s more, it’s packed with humanized details like intelligent memory and independent knobs for the best experience.