MONISH 鹹魚翻身電動洗澡按摩刷 (2色) Electric bath massage brush - UNWIRE STORE

MONISH 鹹魚翻身電動洗澡按摩刷 (2色) Electric bath massage brush

  • $487.50
  • 節省$725

– 輕鬆單手 自由清潔
– 全方位無死角洗澡
– 磁性吸盤設計 衛生便攜
– 全身按摩 肩頸放鬆
– 一次享受三重體驗 洗澡 搓背 按摩
– 360度環繞刷面 接觸面積大 想搓哪邊就搓哪邊
– 液態硅膠 柔軟親膚 愛不釋手
– 6種震動模式 每分鐘18000次

– Easy to clean with one hand
– Bathing in all directions without dead ends
– Magnetic suction cup design, hygienic and portable
– Full body massage, shoulder and neck relaxation
– Enjoy a triple experience at once, bathing, rubbing back and massage
– 360 degrees around the brush surface, large contact area, rub which side you want to rub
– Liquid silicone, soft and skin-friendly
– 6 vibration modes 18000 times per minute

尺寸:370 x 87 x 55 mm

Material: ABS+silicone
Weight: 400g
Dimensions: 370 x 87 x 55 mm
Rated voltage: DC5V1A
Rated power: 1.2W
Contents: electric bath massage brush x1, charging base x1, USB cable x1, magnetic hook x1, manual