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TRESOR 全方位360°超聲波深層 多功能清潔機 Cleaning Machine

  • $412.50
  • 節省$650

TRESOR 復古經典 全方位360°超聲波深層 日常生活用品 多功能輕巧便攜美學清潔機,外觀超高級,磨砂白質感柔滑,金屬支架簡約又大氣。擺在桌子上,看著也是一種儀式感。透明可視蓋可以清楚地觀察到內部清潔的動態,上蓋帶有密封條,倒置也不會出現漏水現象。這個清洗機是可以用水洗的,但是千萬不要洗底部。

  • 一鍵開關,全程自動無需手動,節能省電,定時清洗,環保省力更省時
  • 極簡設計,小巧機身,大容量304不鏽鋼槽,不佔空間,輕鬆清洗頑固汙垢
  • 多種類物品適用,是你清潔消毒日常生活用品的最佳小幫手,可清潔眼鏡,手錶,珠寶首飾,鋼筆,牙套 奶嘴,餐具,剃鬚刀,梳子,化妝等,360度全方位清洗解決隙縫死角困擾,讓佈滿汙垢的物品煥然一新
  • 分離式清洗盤貼身配置,防止物品與不銹鋼內膽因摩擦而產生滑痕
  • 多模式清洗,這點有別於大多數只有單一清洗模式的清洗機。可以根據不同的物件,有針對性地選擇的清洗模式,基於物件屬性的不同,清洗當然也要分門別類,而且清潔力強!

TRESOR Retro Classic Full 360° Ultrasonic Deep Layer Daily Necessities Multi-functional lightweight portable aesthetic cleaning machine, super high-grade appearance, matte white texture and smooth, simple and atmospheric metal bracket. On the table, looking at it is also a sense of ritual. The transparent visible cover can clearly observe the dynamics of the internal cleaning. The upper cover has a sealing strip, and there will be no water leakage when inverted. This washing machine can be washed with water, but never wash the bottom.

  • One-button switch, the whole process is automatic without manual operation, energy saving and electricity saving, regular cleaning, environmental protection, labor saving and time saving
  • Minimalist design, compact body, large capacity 304 stainless steel tank, does not take up space, easy to clean stubborn dirt
  • Suitable for a variety of items, it is your best helper for cleaning and disinfecting daily necessities. It can clean glasses, watches, jewelry, pens, braces, pacifiers, tableware, razors, combs, makeup, etc., and it can be cleaned in 360 degrees to solve the gap. The blind spots are troubled, and the dirt-covered items are refreshed
  • Separate cleaning tray close-fitting configuration to prevent slip marks caused by friction between items and stainless steel inner tank
  • Multi-mode cleaning is different from most cleaning machines that only have a single cleaning mode. The cleaning mode can be selected according to different objects. Based on the different properties of the objects, cleaning must of course be divided into categories, and the cleaning power is strong!