Type-c To Lightning充電線 (MFI) Type-c To Lightning charging cable (MFI)

  • $138.00

商品描述 Product description

1. 唯一一條由香港本土設計Type-C To Lightning MFI充電線
2. 香港專利- 特制超合金殼 連接線頸及插頭位置 並獲Apple認可制造. 防止斷插頭,承受10KG折扭力.
3. 市場唯一訂做20AWG純銅線.  (Apple要求24AWG, 數字愈細 銅線愈粗), 充電更穩更快!
4. 30分鐘充50%電? No... 我地50分鐘充80%電!
5. PD快充由0~80% !
You have no reason not to buy!:
1. The only Type-C To Lightning MFI charging cable designed by Hong Kong
2. Hong Kong patent-special super alloy shell connecting the neck and plug position and approved by Apple. Prevent broken plug, withstand 10KG bending torque.
3. The only custom-made 20AWG pure copper wire in the market. (Apple requires 24AWG, the thinner the number, the thicker the copper wire), the charging is more stable and faster!
4. Charge 50% in 30 minutes? No... I charge 80% in 50 minutes!
5. PD fast charge from 0~80%!

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