Woodcessories Apple Watch EcoStrap Wooden 木製錶帶

  • $376.00
  • 節省$252

EcoStrap 木製錶帶與 Apple Watch 完美融合,配搭出最獨特,最簡潔的外觀!採用美國桃木,使您從人群中脫穎而出!

The EcoStrap wooden strap is perfectly integrated with Apple Watch, creating the most unique and simple appearance! The use of American mahogany makes you stand out from the crowd!

EcoStrap 配戴舒適,可調節錶帶適合不同尺寸手腕,包裝內已包含額外的鍊扣配件和工具。僅 40g 重,配有方便穿戴的蝴蝶扣和堅固耐用的鋁質錶帶連接扣。

EcoStrap 採用天然真木製成,適用於所有 Apple Watch。大自然為 EcoStrap 提供了無與倫比的紋理和結構,每一個都和大自然一樣美麗獨特!

當您購買 Woodcessories 的產品時,他們便會為大自然種植樹木,為未來自然環境出一分力。立即購買 EcoSkin 享受大自然為我們帶來的產品,一起保持我們世界的可持續發展資源吧!

EcoStrap is comfortable to wear, the adjustable strap fits different sizes of wrists, and the package already contains additional chain buckle accessories and tools. It weighs only 40g and is equipped with a butterfly buckle that is easy to wear and a durable aluminum strap connection buckle.

EcoStrap is made of natural real wood and is suitable for all Apple Watches. Nature provides EcoStrap with unparalleled textures and structures, each of which is as beautiful and unique as nature!

When you buy Woodcessories products, they will plant trees for nature and contribute to the future natural environment. Buy EcoSkin now and enjoy the products that nature brings us, and let us keep the sustainable development resources of our world together!

.高級木製 Apple Watch 錶帶
.可擴大到 240mm 手腕範圍
.適用於 Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, 4

Product Features
. Premium wooden Apple Watch strap
. Made of real wood
. High-quality stainless steel seal
. Smart butterfly buckle, easy to operate
. Incredible appearance, comfortable for everyday use
. Ultra-light (40g) and ultra-thin design
. Adjustable strap size (including tools)
. Can be expanded to 240mm wrist range
. For Apple Watch 1, 2, 3, 4