Woodcessories iPhone EcoCase 原石防撞保護殻 (EcoCase STONE for iPhone)

  • $238.00
  • 節省$160


由天然石材製成,結合了卓越的外觀,最佳的防摔技術和超薄設計。只有 20-30g,厚度約 1mm - 保持 iPhone 纖薄的外形。同時兼容無線充電。當受到撞擊或跌落時,減震的矽膠邊沿能有效保護您的iPhone 。創新的塗層增強了表面耐用性。 所有石板保護殼都可以彎曲,幾乎不會破損。

EcoCase Stone 與皮革相似,板岩和石材在一段時間後會形成美麗的光澤,為您的設備添上更多獨特性。每一個 EcoCase Stone 都是科技與自然最美結合!

當您購買 Woodcessories 的產品時,他們便會為大自然種植樹木,為未來自然環境出一分力。立即購買 EcoCase 享受大自然為我們帶來的產品,一起保持我們世界的可持續發展資源吧!



  • 以真正的石板和石頭製造
  • 1mm 薄天然石 - 真正輕巧(30g)
  • 特殊塗層使石頭不容折損
  • 長期使用形成美麗和獨特的表面
  • Air-Shock 柔軟矽膠邊框防摔保護
  • 即使有保護性保險槓,仍保持超薄和超輕
  • 矽膠邊框輕微凸起,保護螢幕
  • 兼容無線充電


請注意:每件產品是由 Real Stone(真石板)製成的天然產品!因此,每件產品的顏色和紋理都有所不同。表面的不規則和顆粒被視為是質量和真實性的標誌。請勿將本產品暴露在潮濕,強熱或溫度多變的環境中。隨著時間使用,本產品會有陳年效果,變得獨一無二。

Made from natural stone, transform your Apple device into a high-end unicum. The stone cover combines a superior look, the best drop-protection technology and ultra thin design. Just 20-30 grams and a thinness of 1 mm - maintain the slim shape of your iPhone. Also compatible with the wireless charging. In case of impacts or dropdowns the shock-absorbing silicon will protect your iPhone.

The innovative coating strengthens the surface and gives it an ultimate durability. All slate cover are bendable and almost unbreakable.

Similar to leather, slate and stone develop a beautiful patina over the course of time, creating an even more unique character and structure of your device. As unique as nature itself !

When you purchase Woodcessories product, they plant a tree for the future. Let’s enjoy and keep sustainability of our world with EcoCase!


.Made from genuine slate and stone
.1mm thin natural stone - a real lightweight (30g)
.Special coating makes the stone unbreakable
.Develop a beautiful patina through extended use
.Comes with drop-proof Air-Shock frame (soft silicon)
.Ultra slim and ultra light despite protective bumper
.Display protection due to raised silicone frame
.Compatible with wireless charging

Kindly reminder : Every natural product is made of Real Stone (slate)! Therefore, the color and pattern of each product as a different. Irregularities in terms of grain and surface are considered as a sign of quality and authenticity. Don't expose this product to moisture, heat or temperature changes. As time goes by, this products will have an ageing effect and become more beautiful and unique.