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IONSPA磁化水專利技術 不只皮膚好!就連頭皮都好







Permanent use, no need to spend amazing filter replacement costs!
The shower that passed the antibacterial test of Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli? , The filtering effect is 187 times higher than other substances? ? ?

Attention Beauty! ! People who want to solve the problem should pay attention to it! ! The strongest IONSPA shower in Korea! ! ! you deserve to have!

This time we are going to introduce this Korean shower head, and it is most advertised as a spa for the skin! ! Do not buy too much, the most important thing is to be strong! Buying a beautiful shower is enough for you! ! Even the dog is reluctant to go with the left side!

It can have the general effect of amplifying the water splash, filtering the impurities in the general water into the surface, and passing the antibacterial test of Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli (to keep the skin healthy),

Don’t need to spend an astonishing cost to replace the filter element. I need to have a natural volcanic ash filter that is ejected from a Korean volcano. The filtering effect is 187 times higher than other substances!

IONSPA's patented magnetized water technology is not only good for the skin! Even the scalp is good

Shampoo can strengthen the hair roots and maintain the health of the scalp. After the hair is blow-dried, it will have a clear fluffy feeling

Taking a bath can improve skin moisture and enhance skin protection

Human experiments have effectively proved that the ionized ultra-fine water molecules can penetrate deep into the pores to clean the scalp, prevent scalp problems and maintain scalp health,

KTR, a recognized organization of the Korean government, has confirmed that it is effective for scalp cleansing (reducing oil problems, exfoliating) and skin moisturizing.

And won the World Rash Association WAA Health Care Award, US FDA first-level medical device certification (US10057944), KC certification, SBA Excellent Product Award, etc., to prove the uniqueness and superiority of the product with practical results!

產品特點 】

  • IONSPA磁化水專利技術
  • 可去除多餘油脂,頭皮很油的人極度需要,尤其適用台灣炎熱氣候
  • 用來洗頭可以強化髮根,維持頭皮健康,頭髮吹乾後有明顯的蓬鬆感
  • 洗澡可以提高肌膚保濕,增強肌膚防護力
  • 透過實驗報告證實擁有抑菌成效
  • 可以加強水壓,讓水柱變強又可達到省水功效
  • 通過葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌抑菌測試(保持肌膚健康)
  • 使用期極長,不需要經常花費驚人的濾芯替換費用
  • 擁有韓國火山噴出的天然火山灰過濾器,過濾效果比其他物質高187倍

【Product Features】

  • IONSPA Magnetized Water Patented Technology
  • It can remove excess oil, which is extremely needed by people with oily scalp, especially suitable for the hot climate in Taiwan
  • Used for shampooing, it can strengthen the hair roots and maintain the health of the scalp. After the hair is blow-dried, it will have a clear fluffy feeling
  • Taking a bath can improve skin moisture and enhance skin protection
  • Prove its antibacterial effect through experimental reports
  • It can strengthen the water pressure, make the water column stronger and save water
  • Passed Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli antibacterial test (to keep skin healthy)
  • The service life is extremely long, so there is no need to frequently spend amazing filter replacement costs
  • Equipped with a natural volcanic ash filter ejected from Korean volcanoes, the filtering effect is 187 times higher than other substances

注意事項 購買前建議先拆開家中蓮蓬頭,並依照下圖所示確認家中水壓狀況,若因水壓問題導致無法使用,恕無法退換貨。

Note: It is recommended to disassemble the shower head at home before purchasing, and confirm the water pressure in the home as shown in the figure below. If it is unusable due to water pressure, it will not be returned or exchanged.



It is recommended to change one in 3 months

Will vary according to water quality





微孔板規格:孔洞0.25mm / 412個



內含: 蓮蓬頭一支(已安裝一組Ge-Lite抑菌濾心於頭部)+Ge-Lite抑菌濾心一組+說明書

尺寸:約290 x 125 x 80mm

重量:使用前: 309g /使用後: 389g







Shower head internal parts: hybrid rotary magnetized filter, eddy current magnetized filter, Ge-Lite filter,
Germanium filter, SUS pretreatment filter, microplate
External material: polycarbonate [shower board structure] ultra-fine micropores 0.20
Microplate specifications: 0.25mm / 412 holes
Usable water pressure: 0.5~7.5kgf/㎠㎠
Origin: South Korea
Contains: a shower head (a set of Ge-Lite antibacterial filter is installed on the head) + a set of Ge-Lite antibacterial filter + instructions
Size: about 290 x 125 x 80mm
Weight: Before use: 309g /After use: 389g

How to use:
When using it for the first time, please remove the "travel storage cover" at the bottom of the shower head and keep the head cover properly. After that, install the shower head to the shower head adapter and rotate it to the end.
It is recommended that the internal parts of the shower head be disassembled and cleaned every six months. When cleaning, please disassemble the parts first, and soak them in water mixed with baking soda and citric acid for 15 minutes, then scrub with a small brush and rinse with water.
After drying, set up in order to complete the cleaning action.
Use time of the filter: If using 2 people as the benchmark, it is recommended to replace the filter once a year