adidas Originals iPhone 12 Pro Max PU 保護殼

  • $278.00


adidas Originals 保護殼將你的手機裝扮成街頭風格。它擁有皮革般的正面和 TPU 的邊緣,印有三葉 Adidas 標誌,保留了原始的外觀和感覺。


  • 皮革鑲嵌外殼
  • 背面縫有 3 條絨面革材料製成的條紋
  • 孔位及切口處理精細,毫不影響操作
  • 印有三葉 Adidas 標誌
  • 能輕鬆地使用按鈕和連接器

The adidas Originals case will dress your phone in a street style. It has a leather-like front and TPU edges, printed with Trefoil Adidas logo, retaining the original look and feel.


Leather inlaid shell
3 stripes of suede material stitched on the back
Fine processing of holes and incisions without affecting operation
Printed with trefoil Adidas logo
Can easily use buttons and connectors