uHandy Duet 流動顯微鏡二重奏 Duet Mobile Microscope

  • $898.00


隨時 隨地 探索

μHandy 啟發靈感,揭開隱藏在每個角落裡的驚喜。有 μHandy,您將賦予超強的視野。
輕巧、方便,無論您身在何處,都可以將顯微鏡夾在智能手機上,隨時準備探索世界。透過周圍的環境光就可以觀察探索物件的紋理。鏡頭前蓋就是樣品蓋,可以在任何角度仔細觀察水中的微小生物。收藏本子讓您可以有組織地編收您的採樣發現。μHandy App 是您的個人導師,啟發您的靈感探索之旅。該應用程序可從 iOS 和 Android 中免費下載。




由淺入深 50 種玩法


直接在手機與平板螢幕上,看到顯微圖像的尺寸!將手機顯微鏡從科普工具,提升為專業人士的檢測工具。也適合作為專業教師的 STEAM 教具,藉由比較不同觀察物的尺寸比例,跨領域學習不同學科。


透過手動對焦微調焦距,觀察不同層的細小結構。µHandy App 將你的手機,變身為專業顯微鏡,超越一般的手機顯微鏡。


App 內多種手機顯微輔助工具,協助你更深入了解所看到的影像。後續還會有強大的科學分析功能,即將陸續登場!



  • 高倍鏡
  • 光源載台
  • 圓形玻片
  • 低倍鏡(已安裝置樣前蓋 1 個)
  • 置樣前蓋 3 個
  • 採樣貼紙 180 張
(平面貼紙 90 張、立體貼紙 90 張)
  • 置樣貼紙 60 張
  • 樣本紀錄簿
  • 樣本卡(含 3 種樣本)
  • 樣本工具組
  • 束口袋
  • 不鏽鋼固定片(傳統玻片專用)
  • 高倍便利夾


  • 尺寸
高倍鏡:55mm × 45mm × 30mm
    光源載台:直徑 55mm 高 25mm
    低倍鏡:70mm × 30mm × 28mm (含置樣前蓋)
  • 重量
  • 放大率
高倍鏡倍率: 5 吋手機約 30~200 倍;7.9 吋平板約 60~360 倍( 放大倍率視裝置螢幕大小而定)
    低倍鏡倍率:5 吋手機約 10~60 倍;7.9 吋平板約 20~120 倍(放大倍率視裝置螢幕大小而定)
  • 解析度
高倍鏡解析度: 約 1µm(500 line pair/mm) (解析效果依不同智慧型裝置而定)
    低倍鏡解析度:約 3µm(167 line pair/mm)(解析效果依不同智慧型裝置而定)
  • 查看範圍
高倍鏡視野範圍:約 1mm 直徑圓形範圍(與傳統桌上型 200 倍光學顯微鏡相仿)
    低倍鏡視野範圍:約 5mm 直徑圓形範圍(與傳統桌上型 40 倍光學顯微鏡相仿)
  • 電池種類:LR44 鈕扣電池兩顆
  • 電壓:3V
  • 電力時間:大於 48 小時
  • *僅高倍鏡組光源載台需要電力,使用低倍鏡時不需要電池。uHandy Duet Mobile Microscope:

    Explore Anywhere, Anytime

    µHandy, a means to inspiration, reveals the surprises hidden around every corner. With µHandy, you are now given the superpower to expand your eyesight.

    µHandy Duet includes two lenses with different magnification and light sources. High-Mag Lens is suitable for detailed structures of thin samples. Low-Mag Lens is great for observing textures. µHandy comes along with Sampling Stickers and Sample Caps, which can be utilized to capture all kinds of samples you can ever imagine, including aquatic creatures. Collecting Album allows you to keep your sample findings organized and trackable. µHandy App is your exclusive tutor to inspire your exploration journey. The App is available for free from both iOS and Android system.

    So much fun with so little effort!

    Features :

    【50+ Ways of Observation】
    50+ different objects to observe for both Hi-Mag and Lo-Mag lens. You'll never worry about what to look at anymore.

    【Real-Life Ruler】
    Measure the actual size of the sample directly on the screen!

    【Manual Focus】
    Fine tuning the focus to observe tiny structures in multiple layers.

    【Coming Soon: Powerful Analysis Tools】
    The app contains a variety of tools that help you better understand the image you see. Powerful analysis functions will keep coming!

    What's in the Kit?

    .Hi-Mag Lens
    .Light Stage
    .Circular Slide
    .Lo-Mag Lens (with one Sample Cap installed)
    .Sample Caps (3 pcs)
    .Sampling Stickers (90 pcs of flat stickers and 90 pcs of bubble stickers)
    .Sample Hubs (60 pcs)
    .Collecting Album
    .Sample Card (with 3 samples)
    .Drawstring Bag
    .Slide Holder (for conventional slides)
    .Quick Clip (for Hi-Mag Lens)


    .Model&Barcode:HD18-duet / 4712914650245
    【 Dimensions & Weight:】
    .High-Mag Lens:55mm × 45mm × 30mm, 70g
    - Light source stage : Diameter 55mm, High 25mm
    .Low-Mag Lens: 70mm × 30mm × 28mm,11g 
    .High-Mag Lens:30x~200x on 5 inch cellphones, 60x~360x on 7.9 inch tablets
    .Low-Mag Lens:10x~60x on 5 inch cellphones, 20x~120x on 7.9 inch tablets
    The actual magnification depends on the size of the monitor
    .High-Mag Lens:About 1µm (500 line pair/mm).
    .Low-Mag Lens:About 3µm (167 line pair/mm)
    The actual resolution depends on devices
    【View Range】
    .High-Mag Lens:A circle with a diameter of 1mm,Similar to conventional optical microscope with 200x magnification
    .Low-Mag Lens:A circle with a diameter of 5mm,Similar to conventional optical microscope with 40x magnification
    【Battery and Power】
    .Battery: LR44 × 2
    .Voltage: 3V
    .Battery Life: 48 hours
    .Low-Mag Lens works without batteries.